The NT2W AB BOARD is a perfect alternative to individual lipo foam sheets. Ideal and super convenient for those post surgical customers who do not have additional assistance to strategically place foams in faja and takes away the overall hassle and struggle to your recovery. NT2W AB BOARD aids in the ease of recovery it doesn’t move or slide around. One less item to put on. Easy to put on and fits comfortably under your fajas or girdles. It’s made with the upmost quality while providing comfort. The NT2W AB BOARD is designed to provide even, smooth padding and compression for comfort and contouring. When positioned correctly over the liposuction treated areas these boards evenly distribute pressure, causing fat cells to be redistributed.

For a more sanitary solution do not place foam directly onto skin. TIP for Liposuction Customers : Use a tank top, creating a barrier between your skin and foam. Make sure the tank top is on inside out, to prevent the seams from making indents on the skin. This will absorb any excess moisture as there may be some sweating due the layering of wearing the Lipo foam, AB board, and Faja. The result is a smoother skin surface with less waviness, minimized bruising and decreased tenderness.



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