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【If You want that Pumpkin Butt 🎃purchase these】- Our durable and anti slip design exercise band are made of high quality cotton polyester stretch fabric material. Our resistance band is different from latex/rubber workout band. These Glute Gripz Resistance Bandz will never slide or roll up when you use.

【Safer Exercise Band, Not Easy to Break】 - Strong and tight sewing method makes it much safer than rubber hip band, so our resistance bandz aren't easy to break ,the outsourcing edge tightly neat, this not only improves the elasticity, but also ensures that the band will not roll up.

【Set of 3 Bandz SOLD Together for $39.99 not Sold Seperately !!! The fitness bands are divided into 3 different resistance levels: Light, Medium and Strong. Never worry that your bandz are too elastic or too hard, you can easily switch between 3 levels at any time to find the most comfortable extreme workout.

3 Pk Glute Gripz Resistance Bandz

$39.99 Regular Price
$24.99Sale Price
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